English programm 2017

Conference Program, March 23, 2017


Registration, Morning Coffee

Plenary Section

Conference Hall


Conference Opening. Welcoming Speech. 

"Digital transformation: technologies of the future". Nikolay Nosov, Observer, IKS-Media


"Digitalization strategies and new services of cloud computing". Tatyana Tolmacheva, Founder, iKS-Consulting


"The road to the clouds or the Accenture approach to the cloud transformation of traditional IT".  Anton Pavlenko, Head of Infrastructure Consulting Practice, Accenture


"Clouds: growth segments and prospects in Russia".  Stanislav Mirin,Consultant, iKS-Consulting


"Tendencies of the global cloud market, a view from the East".  Arthur Pyarn, Head of IT Solutions Department, Huawei



"Towards the digital transformation". Olga Tunik, Head of Sales Management for Enterprise Clients in Russia and CIS, Interoute


"How VDI changes the IT landscape in the era of digital business transformation". Andrey Konovalov, Head of the Virtualization Department, Jet Infosystems



"Cloud technologies as the basis for the digital transformation".  Pavel Borokh, Enterprise Marketing Solution Manager in Russia, Kazakhstan and Central Asia, Dell EMC


11:20 – 12:00



Section"As a service"

Section moderator - Stanislav Mirin, Consultant, iKS-Consulting

Conference Hall

Section "Digital Transformation"

Section moderator - Tatyana Tolmacheva, Founder, iKS-Consulting

Auditorium 1

Section "Architecture of the cloud"

Section moderator – Alexander Shibaev, МCIDeputy director, Bank of Russia

Auditorium- 4+5



"TIONIX domestic cloud platform on the protection of IT budgets". Alexander Paramonov, TIONIX Marketing Director, RTK-DC




"How financial technologies can transform banking products in the future". Alexey Arkhipov, Director for Development of Crypto Technologies, QIWI Group

"Cloud Evolution - all for flexibility". Alexander Shibaev, МCIDeputy director, Bank of Russia





"Features of the corporate cloud platform building – an outward view". Evgeny Filatov, Cloud technical architecture practice manager, Accenture; Alexander Stepanov, Technological strategy practice manager, Accenture

"Russian features of IIoT in the electric power industry". Elena Medvedeva, Deputy Director of the Department of Operational Control and Management in the Electric Power Industry, Ministry of Energy of the Russian Federation

"Russian technologies of IT infrastructures virtualization". Sergey Chlek, Sales Director, Rosplatforma



"Platform for the digital transformation: creating opportunities for the accelerated growth today". Alexander Grendel, Product Manager of Virtual Data Center, Interoute


"How digitalization helps CarPrice to grow even during a crisis". Ilya Pyatin, CIO, CarPrice

"Arista - the transformation of network infrastructure in a modern cloud". Dmitry Yuferov, Business Development Director, Arista Networks


"Space efficiency: managed services over the «clouds»". Sergey Zinkevich, Hybrid clouds Expert, CROC

"Deutsche Telekom public cloud: the experience of digital transformation". Arthur Pyarn, Director of IT Solutions Department, Huawei

"The practice of customers private clouds building in the provider’sdata center". Andrey Zakharov,Product and Innovation Director, Linxdatacenter



"We teach clouds, the clouds teach us. The machine learning as a cloud service". Oleg Fateev, Cloud development expert

"Say «Yes!»  to the Digital business". Leonid Maizenberg, Architect, Citrix Systems

"The ready-made server platforms from Intel for creating the software-defined data centers". Alexander Melnikov, Technical expert on the implementation of products in Russia and CIS, Intel



"The recipe for the rational resource management 1C: ERP in OnCloud.ru".  Oleg Konovalov, Head of Cloud Services, Onlanta (GC "LANIT"); Yevgeny Filippov, Head of the Techno-Center, «The first BIT»


"Blockchain in factoring". Leonid Kultygin, Operations Director, Sberbank Factoring



"Evolution. How the cloud infrastructure from integration of the barriers made the IT-company for the integration of parking solutions in the cloud".  Denis Kolmogorov,General Director, "Automatic barriers"


"Samsung Knox - a secure platform for providing the corporate mobility in the era of digital transformation". Alexander Kudryashov, Consultant of corporate mobile solutions, SAMSUNG




"Tendencies of cloud development in Russia: a turn key private cloud, IoT and a graphic cloud". Vsevolod Kiselev, Deputy Director for Service Development, ActiveCloud






Section«As a service»

Section moderator -  Dmitry Popko, Cloud services expert, iKS-Consulting

Auditorium- 4 + 5

Section«Cloud Provider Models»

Section moderator - Dmitry Gorkavenko, Business Development Director, iKS-Consulting

Conference hall


"Providing security in the cloud: the distribution of responsibility between the provider of cloud services and the customer". Mikhail Emelyannikov, Managing Partner, Consulting Agency «Emelyannikov, Popova and Partners»

"The Smart Retail: Prospects for Cloud Providers". Dmitry Gorkavenko,Business Development Director, iKS-Consulting



"Cloud FZ-152, the real practice of application". Alexey Filonov, Marketing Director, Cloud4Y


"IaaS: the differentiation in the market". Svetlana Patrikeeva, Analyst, iKS-Consulting



Discussion panel.

Conference Hall





Discussion «Business as a service - problems of transition to a service model»

Section moderator - Nikolay Nosov, Journalist, IKS-Media

Questions for discussion:

•  "Business as a service" - marketing or new opportunities?

•  What part of the company's activities is reasonable to move into a service model / IT outsourcing?

•  How to organize the interaction between the internal and external team?

•  What should the customer do for the operation continuity of their business critical systems that are outsourced?


Vladimir Gailit, Deputy CIO, Mezhregionsoyuzenergo

Anton Salov, Director of the product office, Rostelecom

Alexander Sokolovsky, Independent expert

Andrey Zakharov, Product and Innovation Director, Linxdatacenter

Arthur Pyarn, Head of IT Solutions Department, Huawei

Anton Pavlenko, Head of Infrastructure Consulting Practice, Accenture

Alexey Uchamprin, Jet Infosystems

Ilya Pyatin, Head of IT, CarPrice

17:00 -17:40

Discussion "Is any competition on the IaaS market or not?"

Section moderator-  Tatyana Tolmacheva, Founder, iKS-Consulting

Questions for discussion:

1. For whom are we "at war"? Who is he- a client of IaaS 2017? Profiles and features

2. Effective ways of "customer funnel" expansion

3. How to keep the client and provide the growth of marginality?


Dmitry Milov, PAO "MTS"

Alexander Tugov, Selectel

Oleg Konovalov, Head of Cloud Services, Onlanta (GC "LANIT")

Igor Korman, General Director, ActiveCloud

Olga Tunik, Head of Sales Management for Enterprise Clients in Russia and CIS, Interoute

Vladimir Komissarov, DEAC

 17:40-20:00 Cocktail